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I think what people aren’t getting about what’s happening in Ferguson is that if a police force in a city of less than 30,000 people can mobilize into a military force so quickly, imagine what the NYPD could do. Philly PD. LAPD. Chicago PD. Detroit PD.

there are folks out there polishing their assault rifles every night on their “they can pry it from my cold dead hands” tip but I don’t think they’ve actually faced the reality of what a fully militarized police force in a major metropolitan center would look like.

I mean so I guess what we know now is that if you are white and enter a fully militarized zone armed with weapons the police will take you peacefully but still manage to kill unarmed black kids and black kids with knives

so keep doing you, white folks

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white people back at it again

they all look exactly as you would expect them to

Soooooo…. Where’s the riot police to stop them……..

My question exactly

PSA: Just want to make sure we recognize that not all white People are shitty just as not all black people are shitty okay thanks

PSA: local white teen’s reply on a text post about white people back at it again proves that white people are in fact back at it again 
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The across-the-board subsummation of homosocial friendship into homosexual romance is one reason I remain suspicious, despite a great deal of intelligent analysis, of the emotional crockpot of fandom; it reinforces rather than challenges the prevalent hypersexualization of culture which makes young men afraid of emotional intimacy for fear of being (perceived as) gay and which convinces young women to perform lesbianism for the gratification of men, because all intimacy must be sexual, must be visible, must be commodified, in order to be real.

It’s the emotional equivalent of the stakes-raising endemic across corporate entertainment properties, in which the world, the galaxy, the universe will be destroyed unless our white male heroes enact their ritualized violence. Intimacy without sexuality has come to be considered as boring as conflict without death.

I realize there is perhaps a certain air of concern trolling to the above, which is why I’ve made it a stand-alone post instead of a reblog of the post that got me thinking about it. I want to emphasize that I have no beef with individual expressions of flirty or dirty headcanons, just the broad pattern; and maybe I notice the pattern because I’ve struggled with the line between platonic and sexual relationships in real life. Friendship is way more important and interesting to me than sex at this point in my life; there’s no platonic version of masturbation. Unless that’s Tumblr. Oh god.

I’m suspicious of a lot of that stuff in fandom. Partly for the reasons you’ve stated: the reinforcing of certain ideas about homosocial interactions necessarily being indication of some underlying homosexual desire, but also because the places where that’s read are decidedly selective? Because while people try to make it out to be a positive because it fills a void for queer representation, it’s one that’s done by fans largely for white male characters?

Like, there’s a reason Tony Stark is more frequently paired with Steve Rodgers and Bruce Banner than Rhodey and it’s not because his interactions with Rhodey lack the banter and chemistry exhibited in his interactions with the former two. A lot of fandom is racist and ignores pairings between characters that might include someone who isn’t white. A lot of fandom is sexist and considers women characters to be interlopers ruining their gay (white) male pairings.

A lot of fandom fetishizes certain stereotypical ideas related to homosexual relationships and masculinity. Male emotional intimacy and honesty? Must be gay. A lot of fandom would rather take two canonically straight male characters and lobby to make them gay for each other than give the actual canon queer character(s) more screen time and substantial stories, but will insist the former constitutes some form of progressive queer representation. A lot of fandom uses a veneer of progressivism to mask this rather typical sexism, racism, and homophobia. 

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