MUST WATCH: Oakland PD draws guns on two black men just walking down the street
August 1, 2012

Livestreamer @BellaEiko caught two Oakland police officers drawing their guns on two men who were walking across the street live. Officers tell them to get down to the ground before both men are detained. 

“Would you all have done him like Alan Blueford?” she asks. “This is what happens when you’re black & walking down the street in Oakland.”

It’s horrifying how many police stories we’ve been posting lately, but this is literally happening every day across the US. We will continue to post every single incident we find. This must stop.

Oakland’s cycle:

Underfunded schools, tax money shifted to support gentrification zones -> poverty -> rich fear of POC/poor demanding more policing -> unchecked police abuse -> rallies, protests, resistance -> businesses shy away -> less city revenue -> underfunded schools…

“Reviving a community” always means driving out the people who have lived there for generations, so that a white, richer crowd can move in.

Money flows to serve the top, violence flows to keep the bottom at the bottom.

And in Oakland, about every 3-6 months some protesters from outside Oakland show up to do a big rally, pat themselves on the back from having been teargassed and survived “police brutality”, and then only come back to partake in the same businesses that are part of the gentrification, but never come back to give anything to the community or help with the long term problems here, and we repeat the cycle.

The boy said he was born in 1993. He’s younger than me having guns pulled on him.

And this woman, she’s so strong.

This needs to be seen.

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    This is a reality not only in Oakland, but here in New York, other states, and around the world. This is what it’s like...
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