This track is basically Gossamer’s thesis statement. It’s difficult to divorce the lyrics from Michael Angelakos own personal life, but even even if you ignore that pitchfork cover story, this song is still so painful. Angelakos describes the shame and guilt of hurting someone who loves you too much to abandon you, sometimes in painfully real detail (“you’re wrapped up in a blanket / and you’re staring at the floor”); it’s very affecting, especially if you’ve ever tried to stick it out in a dysfunctional relationship before. I actually get a little queasy at the “you’re standing in the kitchen / and you’re pouring out my drink” part. I flashback to nights spent worrying and taking care of the self-destructive people I’ve loved throughout the years — not just boyfriends, friends too (just bc you’re not having sex with someone doesn’t make it any less terrifying when they almost overdose or threaten to hurt themselves or whatever). And then I think about the things that I’ve done to people, drinking myself stupid, throwing fits in public, starting fights, running away at midnight. I’ve been Mike Angelakos and I’ve been his girlfriend.

The song also sounds like sparklier, cutesier version of the R&B-tinged indie-pop of bands like Discovery, which means it’s likely 19-year-old college kids are going to get drunk and make-out to this in their dorms, not realizing that they are hooking up to one of the saddest songs of 2012.

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  1. jakec said: i’m trying not to co-sign yr last sentence because even though i’ve said the same thing, it seems really pessimistic/presumptuous to think ‘the kids’ really are that dumb. but you’re probably right.
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